★  Package Exhibition (Yoriko Douguchi  English Fansite)

Here are pics of international DVD/VHS package design of Yoriko Douguchi's films.
Many of them are probably still available @ amazon (of your region).
(Of course, Yoriko's filmography is larger than this → 
Yoriko Douguchi (English) filmography)

  CURE: US press (left) and  JPN press (right)
CURE : French press (left) and  French collector's edition (right)
 CURE : HongKong VCD

CURE:UK Blu-ray

CHARISMA: (from left) US press, US VHS, JPN press and German press

  THE GUARD FROM THE UNDERGROUND: US press (left) and JPN press (right)

  Swallowtail Butterfly: Finish press (left), Hong Kong press (middle) and JPN press (right)
MIKADOROID : US press (left) and  JPN press (right)

TAMPOPO : US press (left) and  JPN press (right)

 A TAXING WOMAN'S RETURN : US VHS (left) and  JPN DVD (right)

TOMIE : US press (left) and  JPN press (right)

SILENCE: JAPAN (left), UK (right)

SILENCE: France (left), US (center), HongKong (right)

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